Anna Bamford: 2015 AACTAs

Hair by Stuart Bane using Wella Professionals & Cloud Nine equipment

Stuart Bane reveals his secret to Anna’s enviable Hollywood hair.

“Anna’s dress was all white, it was very Grace Kelly – but modern. So we decided to go for an elegant, old hollywood style to balance the fashion-forward cutouts around the ribcage of her gown.

After shampooing Anna’s hair, I prepped it with WELLA SP Hydrate Finishing Carer and Resolute Lift. I parted her hair on the side, on a diagonal. Then I blow-dried it with a medium-sized ceramic round brush ensuring it had a soft bounce and a lot of movement. When it came to curling with tongs, the trick was to part the hair into medium sized sections and curl them by holding the tongs horizontally. I started at the nape and worked my way up, winding the hair upwards to ensure a glamorous wave – not an 80’s permed look.

Anna’s hair was parted on the left side, so I dropped the curl about 3 inches lower on this side so it could be smoothed out and styled flat and sleek. This balanced out the look and gave it that sexy, polished Veronica Lake vibe. Once all the hair was set, I blasted it with cold air from a hairdryer.

I applied a small amount of WELLA SP Refined Texture to slick down the left hand side of the hair and keep it smooth behind her ear. Then, I brushed through the rest of the hair using a Janeke brush and spray WELLA SP Luxe Oil Keratin Boost Essence simultaneously. This gave it a lightweight sheen that dries instantly – perfect for the red carpet.”

– Stuart Bane, as told to