Sophie Lowe: 2015 AACTAs

Hair by Renya Xydis @ The Artist Group for Wella Professionals & Cloud Nine equipment
Make Up Liz Kelsh @ 22 Management

Ash-Leigh Croker on Sophie Lowe’s sleek, Dior-inspired ponytail at the AACTAs.

“For Sophie’s hair, I was inspired by Guido’s directional ponytails at Dior. I wanted to keep it really sleek and simple because I knew she was going to wear detailed jewelry and I didn’t want to detract from that.

It was very methodical; first I parted the hair in a horizontal half-moon across Sophie’s head and tied the bottom half into a ponytail level with her temples. I applied a generous amount of SEBASTIAN Shaper Fix Hairspray to slick it down. Then, I took the top section into a centre part and brushed the two front pieces back with a Janeke brush, securing it to the first ponytail, smoothing away all of the flyaways and setting with SEBASTIAN Zero Gravity Hairspray. Finally, I took a third of the pony tail, fattened it with EVO Haze Powder and wrapped it around the diameter of the ponytail band to conceal the elastic, securing it with hidden fringe pins.”

– Ash-Leigh Croker as told to