Beautiful Billie Iveson

Fashion and Beauty Director - RUSSH Magazine

Billie is a dreamer and a believer. She is young but she knows her stuff, so don’t get in this girl’s way! As the Fashion and Beauty Editor for Russh Magazine, she has an eye for coolness! No is no with Billie, but yes is yes! I love working with Billie because she is a woman of her word. She has impeccable taste and a heart of gold.
– Renya Xydis

Billie carries a different bag for work and for play! For work she carries a YSL bag and wears personalised shoes from P.Johnson Tailors. Inside her work bag is an Hermes notebook, Tom Ford lipstick, and iPAd, Billy Bride Rings, Prada Sunglasses, Prada Perfume and a suede notebook.
For play, Billie wears Ann Demeulemeester shoes and carries a clutch from Sark Studios. Inside it, an iPhone, Tom Ford lipstick, a baggy pouch, an Hermes keyring and a Billy Bride pyrite ring.
Billie loves flying and where it can take you, Baies by Diptique, L’Eglise by Maison Balzac and Joya candles. She loves fresh flowers from the markets, summers in Sydney and trawling the flea markets in Paris.

We chat to Billie Iveson: Fashion & Beauty Editor Russh Magazine