Jess Blanch

Editor - RUSSH Magazine

Jess has been in my salon life since she was 16 years old. Loyalty is really important to me and as you can see, Jess is so loyal! I love her sense of romance and how she romanticises her ideas. I love her sense of fantasy. I really admire her gentleness and that she knows exactly what she wants. She is so cool. Everything that is a dream to Jess she makes come true! I can’t even express her kindness. She is one of a kind to me.
– Renya Xydis

Jess carries a Louis Cardini bag that was handmade by an 80 year old man. Inside it, she has an Hermes diary, a Margiela bracelet from a friend, Celine opticals, Linda Farrow Eyeglasses because she is short sighted, a Pink Lou Lou chain, Rings from her friends Claire and Billie, a Prada wallet and Chanel beauty products. She also carries Amarige perfume by Givenchy which was given to her by her Mum when she was 13 – she has never worn anything else. She can’t give up her blackberry because it is the best for emails, but she also carries an iPhone because she is conforming. Last of all in Jess’s bag is a pair of Blue Ray Bans and a Louis Vuitton keyring.
Jess wears Balenciaga brogue and Celine birkenstocks.

Jess loves coffee! She loves her family, her friends and her husband. The Preature’s song “Is This How You Feel” is her favourite song right now. She loves RUSSH and she loves Renya. She loves Sydney and she loves Sophie Coppola’s “Lost In Translation”.

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