Lucie Ferguson

Jewellery Designer & Owner – Babyanything

Take a sneak peek inside the bag of fine jeweler Lucie Ferguson, the brains and brilliance behind Babyanthing. She shares with us what’s in her bag, her on the go must haves and what gives her bag envy. Placing heavy emphasis on the power of jewellery in creating meaning and history in peoples lives, Lucie manufacture’s handmade jewellery for the new generation of ‘collectors’. Her savvy style, industry credibility and gorgeous designs seen on the likes of Hollywood A-Lister Gigi Hadid, she has become one of Australia’s most talented and successful exports to date.

Name/Make of Bag

Chloé it was part of the Hudson family but limited edition shape.

How long have you had this bag for? About 8 months

What’s your number 1 beauty go to? What do you always have on hand?

A hairbrush to tame my long mane or whip it up into a topknot when I am working.

Everyone has a secret weapon in their handbag that they cant live without – what’s yours?

My phone, I run my life and business from it. I went to India last year with a tiny little Givenchy cross body bag, which held a water bottle and my phone- the essentials!

If you could trade bags with absolutely anyone – who would it be?

My sister Elle Ferguson! Her bag wardrobe is amazing and we are always together when she buys them so I’m always thinking about borrowing them! There’s an Emerald green suede Chloe that I need in there.

What is the weirdest thing you have in your bag right now?

A spray bottle of Spiritual Protection mist – I am a total hippy at heart.

What two contents that are currently in your bag would you take to a desert island?

Chocolate! I always carry either Lindt or Loving Earth Chocolate in my bag and my phone to call for help or google survivor tips and to look at photos of my loved ones.

 Designer or vintage?

Designer vintage- My favourite items in the world are my mums collection of designer handbags that she collected on her travels and are now passed onto my sister and I. Designer craftsmanship just lasts the test of time so pieces can become heirlooms.

 Fabric or leather? Leather! I like to travel the world with my beautiful bags so they need to last.

No budget spared – What is your most coveted bag?

It was a coulda, woulda, shoulda moment! A Chanel pouch from their Scottish inspired collection around 2 years ago. It was quilted with metal tassels and really made the jeweller in me happy. A huge regret!

Carrying the Limited edition Chloe Bag, Lucie’s essentials are a bottle of spiritual protection mist, a cheeky block of Loving Earth chocolate for those 3pm chocolate cravings, a Memo bottle filled with H20, a Louis Vuitton wallet and some jewellery tools & sparkly diamonds for a custom piece she is currently working on for a client. Babyanything jewellery ready for any occasion & business cards, as you never know whom you may meet.
Last of all, like many girl bosses her iPhone, using the modern day organizer to run her life & business on the go!
“Firstly I love Valonz because the work ethic is amazing- every person is working their asses off and that’s how I operate in my own business so I feel very at home ha! Also that Renya is an amazing #girlboss dominating her industry is something I want to support. As for Ash and Elly, those babes just get it done, I trust Ash whole-heartedly and she makes me giggle the whole appointment long! And Elly supports my love of long hair and has such a beautiful heart she always checks up on me and supports all the milestones I have gone through in the time I have been at Valonz. Previous staff I have had such as Amber and Stuart were wonderful too!”





“A Fine Arts Degree in Jewellery & Object Design & some experience working in the industry, I decided to try things my way. I make only what I would wear myself. Almost all my pieces are unisex, I don’t think there are any rules in jewellery. I use precious metals, not for their exclusivity, rather for durability. They will last a lifetime, whether you’re punching numbers at a desk job, or breaking bones at a bar fight, rest assured you’ll have the pieces until your buried in them”



“There was a time when jewellery was given to celebrate landmark events in one’s life; a courtship, a graduation, a marriage, a birth, an anniversary or a death.
These pieces were passed down through families to bond relatives long after they had left this earth. It is my intention as a maker to have my pieces become my customers heirlooms.”