Rachael Taylor

Actress and Director

Billie is a dreamer and a believer. She is young but she knows her stuff, so don’t get in this girl’s way! As the Fashion and Beauty Editor for Russh Magazine, she has an eye for coolness! No is no with Billie, but yes is yes! I love working with Billie because she is a woman of her word. She has impeccable taste and a heart of gold.
– Renya Xydis

Rachael wears Valentino shoes and carries a YSL bag. Inside it, a scull candy ear phone, Oscar Wylee “karlo” sunglasses, mints, MAC lipstick in “beauty”, a CELINE wallet with American dollars inside it, a Barney’s discount card and an American and Australian phone.
Rachael loves her Grandfather Desmond, her 3 year old goddaughter Georgie, New York City, the Mona in Hobart and Sake Japanese restaurant in The Rocks.

We chat to the incredible actress and director