Sarah Stephens

“Sarah loves sexy hair and make-up so this look was all about volume. I took inspiration from Bianca Jagger – from the big tussled hair of the late 70’s, but modernised it by using my Cloud Nine wand to add texture and definition to the hair.

I took small sections of the hair and curled them tightly. Then, once the hair was set, I warmed a small amount of WELLA SP Luxe Oil in my hands and ran my fingers through the bulk of her hair to break it up and make it a little more volatile.
When it comes to sexy hair, you’ve got to be fearless. You can’t be scared to mess it up. The wilder, the better, I say.”

– Renya Xydis

Sarah Stephens & Renya Xydis using Cloud Nine, photographed by Belle Langford at VALONZ, 20th December 2014

How to get voluminous curls with Renya Xydis and Cloud Nine.